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Culture Creation

One of the wonderful things about new
collaborations is you get to create a
new culture
. There is a great deal of
energy and activity as your
organisational groups come together to
begin the new venture, or project, and
Unicorn can ensure this momentum is harnessed in the right direction.




New Relationships

Everyone will be forming new relationships and shaping how they are going to work together. If you do nothing, your culture will evolve on its own. You will have a culture, it just may not be the one you wanted.

Unicorn understands what will influence and create your culture. We know what you need to do, and when, to get the culture you require.

How it works

Unicorn will work with your Leaders and key people to define the culture that will best suit your business environment and context. We will explore with you different approaches that will engage your people and create your culture, designing a clear way forward that will work for you.

This could include:

  • Culture Workshops
  • Engagement Events
  • Management Commitment Activities
  • Collaborative Leadership Enhancement
  • Coaching
  • Team Cultures
  • Interface Connection Events
  • Culture Agents
  • ...and many more


Unicorn has an enormous amount of experience in
this area, so we can make sure you invest in the right activities at the right time. This will ensure we engage the energy of the change in the direction that gets the results and success you require.


To organise a free initial consultation and discussion about how we can help create the right culture for
you, please contact Unicorn to arrange
an appointment.

Culture Creation activities can involve: