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Assessment Centres

Research consistently shows the most
effective way of predicting performance
and behaviours in a job situation is a
well-designed Assessment Centre.

Our Approach

Unicorn design Assessment Centres to test applicants’ abilities in the specific competences required by your organisation and the roles you are recruiting for. At the Assessment Centre we will objectively observe, and systematically measure, how candidates actually perform in a variety of contexts.

There is no such thing as a 'standard' Assessment Centre. Some can last as little as half a day, while others can run over a couple of days.

Assessment Centres can include:

Business Simulations
- designed to reflect job specific activities, such as role playing an interaction with a member of staff or customer.

Interactive Presentations
- designed to test role specific knowledge and ability as well as presentation skills and challenging exchanges.

Personality Profiling
- to explore 'fit' to role and organisation

Competency Based Interviews
- questions are generated to test ability in the precise competencies required for the role.

Ability Tests
- to test ability.




Unicorn provides a complete range of Assessment Centre design and delivery services, from competency matrix design through assessor training, exercise design and the provision of psychometric testing.  Even if your organisation has no prior experience of this most effective assessment method we can design and manage the whole process for you.

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Assessment Centres can involve: