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Individual Coaching

Unicorn Coaches work with
individuals in a one to one
environment. We also coach teams.


Our client coaching goals vary hugely, some common themes include:

  • Flexibility of Leadership style
  • Influencing styles and strategies
  • Communication skills and strategies
  • Time optimisation
  • Strategic thinking and planning
  • Engaging and energising teams
  • Decision process and clarity
  • Confidence and power
  • Balance and wellbeing
  • Application of energy
  • Career Management
  • ...and many more!


Our Approach

We usually do an extended first session so we can really get to know you and understand your world. We are interested in where you have been, where you are now and where you want to be. We also examine the context within which you operate, who is in your network and how they influence your success.

We explore with you:

  • Personal Awareness
  • Personal Impact
  • Personal Balance
  • Personal Power
  • Personal Responsiveness


How does it work?

The Unicorn Coach guides you through a structured process so we can build a clear and thorough picture of your current position, history and aspirations for the future. We work with your inner and outer world:

  • how you experience events
  • your emotional responses
  • your outward projection

From here, we create a plan of activities, new approaches and different ways of being. We support you to experiment with these new approaches and perspectives and find those that get you the results you want in a way that is congruent with who you are.


Tools and Techniques

We use a wide variety of tools, techniques, materials and knowledge in Unicorn Coaching, including various psychometrics and 360 feedback. Most of our coaches are also trainers in Leadership and Management, and incorporate this wealth of knowledge into the coaching sessions. Unicorn Coaching can take place face to face or by telephone, whichever you prefer.

Connecting to your real life

It is really helpful to involve your manager with the coaching experience. They can then support you to make the changes in your day to day activities and give you feedback on any differences they have noticed. We encourage you to share high level goals and discuss progress, though you don’t need to discuss the detail of what happens in the sessions. The content of sessions is confidential, the outcomes are for all to see!


We would be very happy to discuss how Coaching could benefit you and your organisation. Please contact us for an informal discussion about our approach and how that might fit with your needs.

Coaching can be used as part of: