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Team Coaching

Unicorn Team Coaches work with
Management Teams, Project Teams,
Business Unit Teams, any team really
that is looking to progress something.
We also Coach Individuals.


Understanding the Team

The Unicorn Team Coach explores with the team who you are as individuals and who you are as a team. This involves looking at how your different styles engage and reach consensus, and how your team interfaces with the rest of the business, customers, partners and the supply chain.

We explore with you:

  • Team Purpose
  • Team Energy
  • Team Deliverables
  • Team Interfaces
  • Team Roles
  • Team Culture
  • Team Organisation
  • Team Relationships
  • Team Systems


The Unicorn Coach develops a picture of the current situation and works with your Team to create an aspirational vision that you are all connected and committed to.

Team Navigation

When you have a shared understanding of this depth, we usually find that aligned and integrated activities flow quite naturally. The Unicorn Coach works with you to identify what will enable you to achieve your aspirations. Sessions are then scheduled at regular intervals to:

  • Review progress
  • Explore progression and blocks
  • Create strategies to move forward

Team Success

Something that will be really important to your Unicorn Coach is helping you notice what has gone really well. Being fully connected to your successes will help you replicate these positive outcomes and transfer components to areas where advancement seems slow. Recognising successes and using them as building blocks for further growth will really energise your business achievements.


To find out more about how Team Coaching can increase the performance of your Team,
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Team Coaching can be used as part of: