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Psychometrics allow you a window on
yourself that may otherwise remain
hidden to you. This enables you to get
a deeper understanding of why you
are as you are, in relation to:

  • Your approaches
  • Your thought processes
  • Your emotional responses

Unicorn's psychometric approach helps you to:

  • Understand your natural Leadership Style
  • Gain insight into how others might perceive you
  • Explore how your approaches may impact on colleagues
  • Understand what work environments best suit you

Unicorn uses a variety of psychometrics, including:

  • MBTI® (Myers Briggs)
  • Team Management System®
  • Penna Assessor®
  • Belbin®
  • WAVE®
  • OPQ®
  • TKI®
  • FIRO-B®
  • Learning Styles
  • 16PF®
  • ... and many more!



Get in touch with Unicorn to discuss how Psychometric Profiling can support development in your organisation.

Psychometric profiling may be used as part of: