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Team Building

Unicorn offer a wide selection of Team Building events. Whatever your group size our expert team will put together a bespoke package to meet your needs in a location close to you. Our range of activities and events are designed to inspire, connect, engage and motivate teams for enhanced workplace performance.


You may want to accelerate the integration of a new team, or improve the connectivity of an established team. From themed activities to workshops, Unicorn utilises an array of techniques and approaches to ensure that you achieve your desired outcomes.


We often use Team Profiling as part of these events to build understanding of the differences in preferred working style across the team. Unicorn uses a number of these and our Business Psychologists will carefully select the one which best suits your focus, these include:

  • MBTI® (Myers Briggs)
  • Belbin®
  • WAVE®
  • OPQ®
  • Team Management System®
  • Penna Assessor®
  • TKI®
  • FIRO-B®
  • Learning Styles
  • 16PF®
  • Identity
  • Approach
  • Goals


Events can be Workshop based, Activity based or a combination of the two.

Activity Based

We work in partnership with activity providers to offer unique and memorable experiences to support the engagement process. Unicorn's experienced facilitators work with your Team to review key team interactions and approaches. This usually involves reflection and feedback on how your Team have approached various activities and paralleling this to everyday occurrences in the workplace.

Workshop Based

Unicorn has extensive experience of facilitating clients through complex live issues in workshop situations. We support you to explore your current position, identify areas for change and create plans to realise the transition.

Team Alignment

Unicorn works with teams to unravel the visions and beliefs that lie behind the surface ideas, approaches and behaviours. We create psychologically safe environments for all of you to express your thoughts and beliefs through systematic processes. This allows you all an equal voice with constructive focus. We then work with your Team to formulate an aligned vision and approach, which you have all helped to create and so have genuine commitment to.

Areas typically explored include:

  • Team Purpose
  • Interfaces
  • Integration
  • Engagement
  • Communication
  • Goals & Success
  • Performance
  • Structure
  • Planning
  • Processes
  • Culture & Values
  • Outputs & Delivery

Contact Unicorn to find out how we can help increase the engagement and motivation of your team. We are very happy to chat through your requirements and potential approaches.

Team Building can be part of: