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One Team

New Relationships

If you invest energy in creating One Team
at the beginning you really will reap the
benefits in the long term.

Unicorn has vast experience of complex
collaborative relationships and knows what you need to get right on Day One, and where to invest further energy to ensure continued success.


Existing Relationships

'We need One Team!' is the challenge many of our clients have faced. Unicorn has extensive experience of working with (what can appear to be) disparate groups and individuals to find common ground and facilitate transition to a more collaborative and integrated approach.

Complex collaborative business arrangements are now common place, and Unicorn knows how to move your Organisations - Teams - Business - Alliance - JV - Project to One Team. This will enable you to realise the benefits you initially recognised when the partnering relationship was first created.

How does it work?

Unicorn will get involved in your business to understand the context, priorities and drivers from every perspective.

Unicorn will assist you to develop a shared

  • Identity
  • Approach
  • Goal structure


From here you can work as One Team to really deliver outstanding results.

Harnessing the Energy

When everyone is working collaboratively energy is focussed on delivery, efficiency and quality, bringing you all greater levels of success.

To arrange a free initial consultation to find out how we can help you transition to One Team, contact Unicorn to arrange an appointment.

One Team activities can involve: