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We can help when...

You would like more engaged, collaborative and motivated people.

You want a stronger performance culture, to make a change or to start something new.

What do we do?

Unicorn works directly with teams, individuals, the whole organisation or collaborating organisations.

We work with you to explore alternative perspectives and approaches, developing new skills to transition ideas into action and performance.

We select the approach which will have the biggest impact for you, from:

Organisational Level:

Team Level:

Individual Level:

Alliances & Joint Ventures:


Client Experience

We have extensive experience across a wide range of sectors.

What you get

We help you unlock your people’s potential to harness their personal power and deliver results across your business.

Our experience is that people are more confident, motivated, and resourceful as a result of working with Unicorn.

Some Things You Need to Know About Us


  • Has a lot of energy
  • Will support you
  • Is passionate about delivering meaningful change
  • Develops solutions with you
  • Gets involved - and expects you to be involved
  • Will drive results
  • Does ask the difficult questions
  • Values respect
  • Believes everyone should feel able to do an excellent job
  • Believes Businesses perform best when their People are at their best

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