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Talent Management

Investing in your talented staff generates
commitment, energy and enhanced
performance. It also builds a platform
for continued organisational success.


Key Performers

Talent management is the process of attracting, selecting, training, developing, promoting and retaining talent through your organisation. When you focus on developing talent in-house you ensure your people have the tools and resources they need to perform well, receive recognition and reward and transition to leadership roles. ‘Home grown’ leaders are valuable assets to you, because they have the knowledge, understanding and competency to really deliver in your environment.


Unicorn Consultants can work with you to develop and deliver a tailored talent management strategy that can:

  • Identify your talent requirements
  • Map the skills and talent the organisation really needs to attract and retain staff
  • Identify and target key performers inside the organisation
  • Design and facilitate Talent Development Centres
  • Create the necessary conditions and environment for retaining talent
  • Get buy-in from stakeholders
  • Manage your talent effectively




To find out how Unicorn can help you develop and manage the talent in your organisation contact us for an informal discussion.

Talent Management can involve: