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360° Review and

As you are unique, it makes sense to
get your own unique Enhancement
Programme. 360° Review will provide invaluable insight, allowing you to create a comprehensive Enhancement Programme to advance your capability, capacity and career.

How it Works

You invite people in your network to review how they experience you on a day to day basis. They do this by filling in a web based questionnaire. It is really helpful for you to understand what your colleagues really value about you as well as anything that doesn’t work so well for them. From here, you work with your Unicorn Coach to create your bespoke Enhancement Programme.


This very detailed, specific and rounded review allows you to really understand how you are experienced by others and the impact you have on them. From this position of increased personal awareness you can choose to make adjustments to your approach and focus that will further enhance your personal impact and effectiveness.

Unicorn 360° increases:

  • Personal Awareness
  • Personal Impact
  • Personal Balance
  • Personal Power
  • Personal Responsiveness

Unicorn works closely with Managers to connect individual programmes to organisational goals. This grounds session activities into day to day organisational life.



Who says what remains confidential – so the focus stays on the activities and different approaches, rather than who gave the individual insights.


To find out how 360° could benefit your organisation, contact Unicorn for an informal discussion.

360° can be used as part of: