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Everything Unicorn does is about communication, how we engage with each other, to get the best outcomes. While communication is part of everything we do, we also work with you to develop and implement Communication Strategies for your business.


Stakeholder Engagement

We work with you to uncover what is truly important to your stakeholders and what drives their behaviour, shaping messages and approaches that achieve genuine, productive engagement. We aim to marry our extensive communications expertise with your business experience. Unicorn will work with you to develop the right communications strategies to offer long term involvement and benefits to your stakeholders, internal and external, with a level of engagement that will become the 'norm' in your organisation.

Branding and Messaging

We begin by getting to the heart of your business and understanding what your brand stands for and what makes your business stand out from the crowd. This 'brand story' guides the creation of compelling messages that will make a difference to your business. We will share our knowledge and expertise with your internal team, while devising content and strategy for your key messages. There is a huge spectrum of media available to us; it is critical that these alternative approaches are utilised in the most appropriate way for your messages and business. Unicorn understands the intricacies of these different approaches and how to maximise the benefit they offer.

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Communication activities are involved in: