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Merging Cultures

You may know how to merge your systems and processes, and wonder if a different approach needs to be taken to merging the cultures. There are many similarities, but there are also many differences - Unicorn understands what these are.

Our Approach

Our approach to integrating your cultures involves:


The first thing Unicorn will do is hear and explore your organisational stories. We need to know about the history, approaches and ways of being of both your organisations.


We will then work with your Leaders and Change Agents to ascertain which aspects of this cultural mix you wish to keep and which you wish to let go.


Once your culture for the ‘new world’ is defined we work with you to design mechanisms and approaches to engage the new organisation.


We strongly encourage you to get in touch early as initial experiences lay the foundations for everything that follows. When merging cultures, the when is equally as important as the how making timing critical to your success. It is likely your people will be experiencing a level of apprehension and anxiety, and so be highly sensitive to organisational messages. Unicorn will assist you to get clear on your messages early, easing the transition for your people.

To organise a free initial consultation and discussion about realising the benefits of your merger, please contact Unicorn to arrange an appointment.

Merging Cultures can involve:

Harnessing the Energy

The awareness of the need for change and desire to engage is never greater than at times of merger. Your people know this change is real and are waiting to hear what you want them to do differently. Unicorn can help you engage this energy at the right time and in the right way.