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Culture Analysis

Unicorn uses different techniques to
understand your culture so we can
appreciate what works really well and
figure out what would be good to change.
We want to understand it from different
perspectives within the organisation (and sometimes from outside) so we can build a clear and thorough picture from all angles.




Areas we explore typically include:

  • Organisational Purpose
  • Markets & Clients / Customers
  • Organisational Energy & Capacity
  • Resource & Skill
  • Attitudes & Behaviours
  • Relationships & Engagement
  • Organisational Structures (Interfaces, Power)
  • Processes
  • Outputs (Quality, Quantity etc.)


Our Approach

Unicorn Cultural Analysis can take the form of questionnaires (quantitative analysis) or a combination of focus groups and interviews (qualitative analysis). We can also combine these two methodologies. Each approach has its benefits and we will work with you to determine which will be the most beneficial to your organisation at this time.



The process of engaging the organisation with change begins when individuals are first invited to take part in this activity. Unicorn will shape the Cultural Analysis to ensure people feel involved and included, giving them a real opportunity to be heard and understood. This will also raise the expectation that something is happening, laying the foundation for the next steps.

We will be happy to come and see you for an informal discussion about how your organisation could benefit from this activity. Please contact Unicorn to make an appointment.

Stage 1

Your people will be able to describe, anecdotally, the benefits and challenges of their organisational culture, and they will have different ideas about the causes and significance of these. Unicorn will get behind the stories and perceptions to make sense of this complexity, identifying themes and key focus areas for discussion and action.

Stage 2

This will be a discovery exercise, the purpose of which is to identify activity for the future, continuing what is working well, and making changes in other areas. You are the experts on your organisation, so you are best placed to create the plans for change. Unicorn will create advantageous psychological environments to enable you to do this in the most constructive and engaged way.