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Wellbeing Programmes

Businesses perform best when their
people are at their best. Investing in
Unicorn’s Wellbeing Programme will
improve the health, resilience and
performance of your people and
your organisation.

Our Approach

Wellbeing encompasses a variety of individual aspects. It is important that individuals take responsibility for their own wellbeing, and that this is supported and encouraged by the organisation. Detailed below are some of the areas we typically cover in our wellbeing programmes.

I Am

  • Exploring my personality traits
  • Understanding my motivation
  • Recognising my purpose

My Physical Self

  • Understanding my body
  • Powering my body
  • Strengthening my body

My Perspective & Approach

  • How I interpret the world
  • How I respond to the world
  • How I approach the world

My Success

  • What counts as achievement for me
  • How do I know others recognise my success
  • How do I appreciate and encourage others

My Connections

  • How do I connect with others
  • How do I engage with the business
  • What's the best way to engage me

My Balance

  • Working with pressures
  • Balancing tensions
  • Structuring activities



Lasting Change

Unicorn integrates interactive sessions with self-sustaining support activities to make the behaviour changes permanent and part of everyday life. Improving the Wellbeing of your people will lead to increased levels of:

  • Engagement
  • Connectivity
  • Effective Decisions
  • Successful Solutions
  • Capacity to Deliver
  • Performance
  • Motivation



To discuss how to improve Wellbeing in your organisation, call Unicorn for
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Wellbeing Programmes can be part of:

And can incorporate: