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Culture Change

Unicorn will support you to create
the culture you require.
We understand what your people need from you in order to make the shift you are
looking for.


Create the Vision

Unicorn works very closely with your Leadership Team to define the culture that will best serve you. We take time to understand where you are now, and where you want to be in terms of your:

  • Purpose
  • Clients
  • Market Position
  • Services
  • Products
  • Skills and Knowledge
  • Resources
  • Systems
  • Structure
  • Plans

Understanding all aspects of your business means we can help you create the right culture for you.

Engage Leaders and Managers

Your people experience the organisation through their Leaders and Managers, so we really invest in this group assisting them to transition to the 'new world' in terms of their:

  • Perceptions
  • Actions
  • Approaches
  • Priorities
  • Focus
  • Attention
  • Communication Style
  • Behaviours
  • Messages
  • Engagement

A culture for success

When you create your culture with intent, you can harness the organisational energy to maximise the benefits to your business (and not work against it).

Engage Everyone

It really does need to be everyone. Cultures are incredibly pervasive and human beings are very resourceful at resisting change. There is an array of mechanisms and approaches we will show you to inform and involve everyone, ensuring engagement of your whole organisation. Your own Change Agents are critical in this, and Unicorn likes to work closely with these individuals, passing on our knowledge and skill.

Unicorn will work with you to design Engagement Events that allow your people to:

  • Engage with the vision
  • Understand what is expected of them
  • See and practise the behaviours
  • Commit to the 'new world'
  • Have their say
  • Make plans for the future
  • Hear from the Leaders
  • Ask Questions
  • Get Answers

This is just one of Unicorn's mechanisms of Engagement.

To organise a free initial consultation and discussion about how we can help transform your culture, please contact Unicorn today.

Culture Change activities can involve: