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When individuals flourish they
are able to achieve great things.
Unicorn will assist you to be the
best version of yourself so you can
really optimise your performance.
To excel at work the following 6 aspects of your Inner and Outer Worlds need to be present:

Outer World
  • Clarity of Purpose
  • Clarity of what High Performance looks like
  • Engaged Colleagues and Managers
Inner World
  • Personal Power (belief & confidence)
  • Positive Attitude & Constructive Approach
  • Proficiency (knowledge, skill, experience, aptitude for tasks)

Unicorn will use a variety of tools and techniques to explore these 6 aspects with you and identify where to focus, so you can thrive in your work environment. The aspects are mostly self-explanatory, however detailed below is further information on two of them. If you would like to learn more about any of the aspects then please get in touch with us.

Personal Power

When individuals feel Powerful, they are better able to embrace challenges, find solutions, hear others perspectives, explore new approaches, be creative, engage colleagues and generally have more energy to achieve business goals. Unicorn explores your inner world with you, adjusting beliefs and patterns that can decrease personal power, so you can be the best version of yourself and really flourish.

Positive Attitude & Constructive Behaviours

Thinking something is possible has a significant impact on whether it is then achieved. Unicorn takes this concept of Attitude to a deeper level and helps you discover how to effectively utilise yours and understand how this then inspires Constructive Behaviours in both yourself and others.

Unicorn works with you to expand your behavioural range, giving you a greater spectrum of approaches to choose form in any situation. There are a host of approaches you can use, the more you have available to you the greater the chance of a beneficial outcome.


When all 6 aspects are present you will be able to achieve greater success, often with less effort. A great deal of energy can be wasted at work, and if you harness yours in productive activity you will achieve outstanding results. On a personal level, you are likely to be more energised and engaged while experiencing increased levels of fulfilment and wellbeing in the workplace.


If you would like us to come and see you for a free initial consultation to explore how this could work in your organisation please contact us.

Performance activities can involve: