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You may want a workshop on:

  • Organisational Vision
  • Collaborative Working
  • Energising the Culture
  • Engagement
  • One Team
  • Meeting Customer Needs
  • System Efficiency
  • Enhancing Performance
  • Strategic Approach
  • Team Connection
  • Quality Improvements
  • Linking Department Goals to Vision
  • Planning


While these are some common themes, the scope for workshop topics is limitless.

Our Approach

Unicorn has extensive experience in assisting clients to navigate all sorts of organisational challenges and transitions. We provide a safe environment for your teams to speak openly and frankly about what needs to change (without things getting out of hand!). We then support you to find real solutions to these challenges - this can be through pure facilitation, or involve a level of input and ideas from us.

When and Where

Workshops can be run on your premises or used as an opportunity for an away day, removing many of the daily distractions. They can occur as standalone events, be part of a larger programme or a series of interventions - whatever best suits your purpose. Unicorn run large cross organisational events, small team workshops and everything in between!


Unicorn can help you take a fresh and creative approach to live issues, integrating our expertise with your business knowledge to create greater organisational successes. Contact us for a free informal discussion about your current priorities, and how we can help you progress them.

You may want to use workshops as part of: