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Collaborative Working

Unicorn will work with you to initiate
the right approaches early in your
collaborative relationships so you can
maximise your opportunities and
realise the potential the collaboration
offers. When projects and new ventures
go live, and the period leading up to this, there is so much to get organised and set-up that the integration and alignment aspects can easily be overlooked, limiting performance and profitability. Unicorn will ensure Collaborative Working stays on the agenda, sharing our knowledge and skill to deliver an impressive collaboration.

Creating Collaborative Environments

Unicorn has extensive experience in this area. We can support you to create environments which foster, and actively encourage collaborative working. We will work with your Leaders to deepen their knowledge and understanding of collaborative essentials and strengthen their ability to make it happen.

Unicorn works at all levels:

  • Organisation / Project - aligning goals and agreeing approach
  • Team - defining purpose and deliverables, identifying interfaces and initiating integration
  • Individual - ensuring engagement and alignment



If you invest in this early we can encourage the attitudes and beliefs that will bring collaborative success. You will find Unicorn’s approach invaluable in terms of accelerating the integration and alignment process so you can focus on delivering outstanding results.



To discuss how we can help you maximise the benefit from your collaboration, contact Unicorn for a free initial consultation.

Collaborative Working activities can involve: