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Psychometrics assist team members to understand the individuality of each of their colleagues. From here, we work with you to see how the individuals best integrate to create a high performing team.

Unicorn uses a variety of psychometrics, including:

  • MBTI® (Myers Briggs)
  • Belbin®
  • WAVE®
  • OPQ®
  • Team Management System®
  • Penna Assessor®
  • TKI®
  • FIRO-B®
  • Learning Styles
  • 16PF®
  • ... and many more!


Psychometric profiling will benefit your team by:

  • Providing a common language to discuss their different styles
  • Identifying strengths to utilise and gaps to manage
  • Giving insight into how team members perceive each other
  • Understanding how individual behaviour impacts on the team
  • Understanding how team behaviour impacts on the organisation
  • Giving insight into how team members can best work together


Get in touch with Unicorn to discuss how Psychometric Profiling can support your Team Development.

Psychometrics can be used as part of many of your Team Activities, such as: