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Energy Events

Unicorn's exciting approach to
Wellbeing will raise the PowerBars® of
your people, supporting them to raise
the performance of your business.

Unicorn takes them through a process
of exploration and discovery across all
four aspects of their energy. They will learn how to connect with their personal energy levels, and simple activities to quickly raise their PowerBarsĀ® and have a more successful day.

Mental Energy - Focused Energy

  • Maximising Attention
  • Constructive Thoughts
  • Prioritisation and Focus
  • Benefitting energetically from Accomplishments

Emotional Energy - Resilient Energy

  • Building Positive Emotions in Yourself
  • Noticing and Managing Emotions
  • Neutralising Negative Emotions
  • Building Positive Emotions in Others

Physical Energy - Sustainable Energy

  • Physical Renewal
  • Fake Energy and what it does to Real Energy
  • Eating for Energy
  • Building Physical Infrastructure

Spirit Energy - Purposeful Energy

  • Engaging the Human Spirit
  • Connecting to Individual and Organisational Purpose
  • Living Personal and Business Values Every Day
  • Doing what you enjoy



Unicorn teaches your people to connect with their PowerBars® and identify which energies need attention. Through direct and swift action they can turn their energy around in minutes, shifting a bad or mundane day into a great day.

Having higher energy levels across your business will support a strong performance culture and significantly enhance organisational success.

Increasing your people's PowerBars® will also mean they have more energy for their social and family lives. This is a workplace intervention that can have a positive impact across all aspects of your people's lives.


Unicorn can deliver Energy Programmes, modular based with actions and activities in between or one-off Energy Days.

To find out how Energy Days can work for your organisation, contact Unicorn today for a free initial consultation.

Energy Programmes can be part of: