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High Performing Teams

Unicorn will transform the approaches of your Teams so they can reach the performance levels you require. We will support your teams to make any necessary cultural shift, as well as developing the skills and techniques to make this shift successful.


Features of High Performing Teams:

  • Innovation
  • Clear Decision Making
  • Pace & Energy
  • Recognise Success
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Connectivity & Engagement
  • Effective Analysis
  • Integrated approach
  • Strong Purpose
  • Programme Management
  • Active Leadership
  • Collaboration


Unicorn will engage directly with team members, exploring how their Inner Worlds contribute to High Performance, and supporting any change required.

Inner World
  • Personal Power (belief & confidence)
  • Positive Attitude & Constructive Approach
  • Proficiency (knowledge, skill, experience, aptitude for tasks)