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Engagement & Motivation

Unicorn will engage with you to create activities and approaches to really engage your people with your business and motivate them to achieve your goals.


Leadership is the biggest influencing factor here, so we work closely with this group to create activities and approaches with depth and longevity.
It is critical that your people feel:

  • Included
  • Involved
  • Significant


Make it Happen

Unicorn uses an array of tools and techniques to understand where the energy investment is needed. These may include:

  • Engagement Surveys
  • Focus Groups
  • Motivation Profiling
  • Culture Analysis
  • Workshops


Unicorn often works with the whole organisation. We will explore different approaches with you, so you can discover what works best for you and your colleagues. This will accelerate your ability to:

  • Engage with each other and the business
  • Motivate each other
  • Energise the business
  • Create a united approach
  • Commit to direction and delivery
  • Agree what brilliant looks like


Please contact Unicorn to arrange a free initial consultation on Engagement and Motivation in your business.

Engagement & Motivation activities can involve: